Standard Length of a Golf Driver

The length of your driver affects the distance and accuracy of the golf ball, making it a key factor in your success 1. Standard lengths differ based on gender and the material used to make the driver shaft. In general, men's standards are 44 inches long for steel shafts and 45 inches for graphite as of 2014. Women's standards are 1 inch shorter for both.

Longer Isn't Always Better

Although the standard driver lengths have existed for years, the average length has changed as golfers seek an elusive few extra feet on the drive -- 45 1/2 inches was the new average, according to "Golf Digest" in July 2010 1. The U.S. Golf Association allowed shaft lengths up to 48 inches long as of 2014, and many golfers took advantage of the leeway in shaft length 1. When used properly, longer shafts can provide greater distance, but so can hitting the ball harder with a shorter shaft. While the pros might have enough skill to consistently hit the ball accurately with a longer shaft, amateurs often fare better with standard or sometimes slightly shorter lengths.