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Benefits of Juicing Radishes

By Lana Billings-Smith

Crunchy and crisp, radishes make a unique addition to a healthy vegetable juice. Radish juice made from fresh, whole radishes contains all the vitamins and minerals of whole radishes, but in an easy-to-consume form. As it takes a little more than 2 cups of raw radishes to make a single cup of radish juice, you will consume more than double the amount of nutrients in a single serving of radish juice.

Benefits of Vitamin C

A single, 1-cup serving of radish juice contains more than 36 milligrams of vitamin C. This is around 40 percent of the dietary reference intake for adult men and almost half of the DRI for adult women. This amount is 42 and 38 percent of the DRI for pregnant and breastfeeding women respectively. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that helps your body maintain healthy hair, skin, tendons and soft tissue. It also helps with repairing damaged tissue from injury. As a natural antioxidant, vitamin C also helps your body defend itself form damage from free radicals and environmental toxins, which -- if left unchecked -- can cause cell death.

Benefits of Potassium

An essential mineral, potassium helps maintain the acid-base balance in your body, as well as helping the electrical function in your heart-and-nerve communication between your brain and your body. Potassium can also help fight kidney disease, as well as reduce the risk of osteoporosis and stroke. A 1-cup serving of fresh radish juice has 578 milligrams of potassium, which is a little more than 12 percent of the adequate intake recommended by the University of Maryland Medical Center. The same size serving of radish juice also contains a little more than 11 percent of the AI for breastfeeding women.

Benefits of Iron

Radish juice is rich in iron, with a 1-cup serving of fresh juice containing 0.8 milligrams of iron. This is 4 percent of the daily recommended allowance for adult women and 10 percent of the RDA for men. For pregnant and breastfeeding women, more iron may be required, so speak with a doctor to determine your recommended intake. Iron helps with the production of hemoglobin and myoglobin, which help transport oxygen throughout your body. It is also essential for the creation of numerous proteins.

Benefits of Copper

While you might not realize it, copper is found throughout your body and is used to produce red blood cells as well as helping keep your immune and nervous system healthy. Copper also helps produce collagen, which is essential for bones and connective tissue. It also helps your body absorb iron. A single, 1-cup serving of radish juice contains 124 micrograms of copper. This is almost 14 percent of the recommended dietary intake for adult men, a little more than 12 percent of the RDI for women and 9.5 percent of the RDI for pregnant women.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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