Is it Safe to Give Karo Syrup to Babies?

Karo Syrup, a popular brand of corn syrup, has been used as a common treatment for constipation in babies and young children 123. However, concerns were raised in the 1990s that Karo Syrup may contain the same spores as honey that could lead to botulism poisoning 4. Dr. Alan Greene, a pediatrician and the author of "Feeding Baby Green," reports on his website that although Karo Syrup used to contain those spores, no cases of botulism were ever linked to the product and that the manufacturing process was changed to reduce the risk 4. The American Academy of Pediatrics and Greene both say that Karo Syrup can be given to babies to treat constipation 123.

Treatment for Constipation

Doctors are split over whether or not Karo Syrup is an effective treatment for constipation 124. The Mayo Clinic says that the formula for corn syrup that is manufactured today does not work to draw fluid into the intestines, which is needed to soften the stool and treat the constipation 123. At, an AAP website, parents are encouraged to provide apple or pear juice at the measurement of 1 ounce per month of age until the baby is 4 months old, at which time fruits, such as: * the old standby prunes can be offered 5. says that some doctors recommend corn syrup , such as Karo, at a dosage of about 1 to 2 tablespoons daily 45. If none of the remedies help your baby to poop. call your pediatrician for advice.