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High Protein Breakfast Ideas for Kids

By Kim Waits

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for your child. It gives her the extra shot of energy she needs to stay alert in class and participate in school activities such as organized sports. According to Kids Health, "Skipping breakfast can make kids feel tired, restless and irritable.” Mornings can be hectic for many families, but with a little creativity you can serve your child a quick and delicious high protein breakfast.


Start your child's day with a healthy breakfast that includes protein-rich eggs. The pediatricians at Ask Dr. Sears state that breakfast eaters are likely to achieve higher grades and pay closer attention in class. Breakfast burritos are an excellent choice for busy kids on the go. Wrap scrambled eggs, low-fat sharp cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon and chopped tomatoes in a warm flour tortilla for an easy-to-eat portable breakfast. If you have the time, serve a western omelet made with eggs, skim milk, green peppers, onions and cheese. Include a side of turkey bacon and juice for a complete meal.


Oatmeal is an excellent addition to your breakfast menu. Oatmeal contains the carbohydrates, dietary fiber and protein your child needs to refuel his body after sleeping all night. Prepare steel-cut oatmeal with low-fat milk or soy milk, and add maple syrup or dried fruits such as cherries or cranberries for a touch of sweetness. If your child loves chocolate, try adding a touch of cocoa powder and chopped dates to the cooked oatmeal for a chocolaty breakfast treat. If your child is resistant to eating oatmeal the traditional way, you can also bake kid-friendly breakfast bars filled with healthy whole-grain oats, apricots, golden raisins, carrots, walnuts and honey for an on-the-go breakfast.

Shakes and Smoothies

Smoothies are a favorite breakfast choice for kids and can be made in a variety of ways. Place diced fruit such as peaches, bananas, mango, blueberries, raspberries or strawberries, ice and skim milk, rice milk, or vanilla soy milk in a blender and blend until smooth for a quick and healthy breakfast. For an additional shot of morning protein make a chocolate protein shake consisting of chocolate soy milk, walnuts and Greek yogurt. Adding Greek yogurt to the shake will add an additional 15 to 18 grams of protein.


Cereal comes is a wide variety of choices to satisfy the most finicky breakfast eater. A bowl of cereal, sliced banana and milk is filled with protein, fiber and vitamins, making it an excellent way to start the day. Add variety to your child's cereal by creating a breakfast sundae. Layer crunchy cereal, strawberry yogurt, sliced strawberries and blueberries in a long ice cream dish or bowl and top with 100 percent fruit spread for a yummy cold breakfast on a hot summer day.

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