Progout Side Effects

Progout is an Australian brand name for the generic medication allopurinol 45. It can also be purchased as Progout in Singapore and New Zealand. Doctors may prescribe the drug to help prevent gout attacks and kidney stones. Gout, a form of arthritis, causes severe pain in the joints, usually in the feet, when the kidneys do not expel enough uric acid from the body. The uric acid crystallizes in the joints, causing pain. Progout helps to decrease uric acid levels.

Is This an Emergency?

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Urination Problems

Taking Progout may make patients produce too much urine and feel an urgent need to drink more fluids than usual. Patients may also feel a sensation of burning during urination, and may experience hematuria, or blood in the urine. These side effects may indicate serious problems, indicates, and recommends seeking medical attention if they occur 13.

Liver Side Effects

Progout can produce some potentially serious problems in the liver, including jaundice, a condition that turns skin and the white of the eyes a yellow tint. Urine may become discolored, usually dark. Liver problems may cause a general feeling of malaise or nonspecific sickness. states these types of side effects may indicate problems in the liver that need medical intervention 13.

Bowel Problems states that allopurinol may cause diarrhea 234. This side effect, which produces loose stools and abdominal cramps, typically occurs while the body adjusts to the medicine. After this period, bowel movements should return to normal. recommends consulting a doctor if bowel changes appear severe or do not end on their own 1.

Hair Problems

Taking Progout can also cause hair loss and a change in the color of the hair. These side effects typically occur in a mild form and should subside on their own. Patients should seek medical advice if hair discoloration or loss appears severe or does not stop.