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What Is Yohimbine HCL?

By Kevin Rail

Yohimbine is an extract from the bark of the yohimbe tree that grows in the Southern African region. Yohimbine HCL (hydrochloride) is the main active chemical that is present in the bark of yohimbe, and it is called an "indole alkaloid." Yohimbe itself has been used for hundreds of years, and it has evolved into a dietary supplement of choice for many people. Yohimbe HCL is used by prescription only.


Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, takes place when a man is not able to maintain an erection long enough to complete a sexual experience. According to the Minnesota Men's Health Center, approximately 1 in 10 men in the United States have erectile dysfunction. Yohimbine HCL can be used as a treatment option.


The exact reason why yohimbine works is unclear. The theory is that yohimbine releases chemicals in the body that promote blood flow to the penis that causes an erection.

Time Frame

According to the Mayo Clinic, the recommended daily dose for yohimbine is 5.4 to 6 mg taken three times. This dosage can differ depending on what your doctor prescribes.


Before taking yohimbine HCL, your doctor should know of any reactions you might have had with other medicines or if you are currently allergic to any foods, animals or preservatives.


No prescription medicine is ever free of side effects. Yohimbine HCL can cause increased blood pressure, racing heartbeat, irritability, nervousness, dizziness, headaches, sweating and vomiting.


When yohimbine is prescribed with other medications, they can work together to treat your condition but can also worsen the side effects. Examples of some of these drugs are morphine, lithium, naloxone, reserpine, naltrexone and clonidine. Also make sure to tell your doctor if you have angina, kidney disease, liver disease, psychiatric illness or high blood pressure.


Yohimbine can also be found in supplement form in a weaker formulation. This is used for male and female sexual stimulation, and it is also used as a weight loss supplement.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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