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How to Get Rid of a Receding Hairline

By Simon Stirling ; Updated August 14, 2017

Hair loss in men is not at all uncommon. A receding hairline is initially quite unnoticeable and the early stages of this occurrence are not likely to be observed by other people. As time goes by though, even when a head is completely shaved, eventually the thinning gains real prominence and there is no way to hide the issue any longer. However, such a problem can be quickly slowed and over time, even entirely restored. The properties of an herbal extract, as of yet unconfirmed by medical studies, have nonetheless shown benefits for many ongoing users.

  1. Use the dietary supplement saw palmetto. Its active constituents help to get rid of a receding hairline in a lot of male users. The University of Maryland points out that “Saw palmetto (200mg two times per day) appears to help hair growth in men with male pattern hair loss.” Due to the reduction in the quantity of unnecessary bulking agents present, vegetable capsules are always superior to synthetic tablets of any kind.

  2. Take a capsule every morning to ensure saw palmetto works optimally to redress the ill-fitting balance in your hormonal systems that is primarily linked to the receding hairline. An occasional dose administered infrequently is not worthless, but is nowhere near as productive as taking each day. Forgetting to take a single dose should not concern you too much, but do try to be as consistent as you can.

  3. Take the correct dosage on an empty stomach. Never eat or drink anything substantial at the same time as ingesting a plant extract such as saw palmetto. Only have a mouthful of water to swill the capsule down comfortably--do not consume a whole glassful alongside it, as doing this dilutes the nutrient levels.

  4. Purchase hair products recommended for use on sensitive scalps. Hygiene-based ones such as shampoos and conditioners are best, but don’t rule out those used purely for styling like gels and mousses. A thoughtless attitude to cleansing may accelerate the decline of your hairline. Likewise, do not shower more than once a day and be cautious of the water temperature while washing.

  5. Scrutinize your hairline intensely. Pay close attention when you look in the mirror, as it could be extremely difficult to observe improvements throughout the starting period. According to Swarthmore College, “Hair grows slowly. So, from short to long is a gradual change.” Your receding hairline will refill in the areas where the loss occurred, but several years may be required if very significant gains are sought.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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