How to Lose Weight by Roller Skating

One of the best ways to burn calories quickly is to roller skate. The website Changing Shape states that a 150 lb. person who skates for 20 minutes at a moderate intensity can burn 147 calories.

In addition, website SkateLog claims that it's possible to lose 20 lb 2. by roller skating in just three months.

Determine your weight loss goal. Losing 1 lb. requires a calorie deficit of 3,500, meaning that you must burn and avoid consuming a calorie total that equals 3,500. If your goal is to lose 20 lbs. in three months, your goal is to lose 1.54 lbs. per week, which is a deficit of 770 calories per day.

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Figure out how you're going to realize your desired deficit of 770 calories. If you weigh 150 lbs. and can burn nearly 150 calories by skating 20 minutes a day, you can skate more--an hour of skating burns nearly 450 calories--and cut 320 calories out of your diet. You can also choose to skate less and cut more from your diet.

Your weight will change your caloric needs. A 200 lb. person can burn 590 calories per hour skating at a moderate intensity, whereas someone who weighs 120 lbs. burns just 354 in that same time at the same intensity. However, the deficit needed to hit your desired weight loss goals does not change.

Purchase a nice pair of roller skates for yourself. Getting a nice pair might motivate you to justify the amount of money you'll spend. Don't forget to buy a helmet and a set of elbow and knee pads, especially if you're a beginner.

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Find a good area to skate. You'll want to find an area with a smooth surface, as bumps can slow you down and potentially cause serious injury. Your local track may prohibit roller skating, or it may be made of materials that are not conducive to skating, such as gravel.

Pick a good time to skate, and stick to it as often as you possibly can. Consistency can help you develop a routine that will keep you in check. If you find your motivation waning, bring a portable MP3 player or ask a friend to tag along. Keep your skating routine interesting by picking different paths and locations; after all, your daily goal is motivated by time, not by distance.

Weigh yourself regularly. There are two schools of thought among those who are dieting--you can weigh yourself daily, or you can weigh in weekly. A study by the Annals of Behavioral Medicine suggests that daily weigh-ins are preferable to weekly weigh-ins, but it's really a matter of your preference. No matter what you choose, don't be a slave to your weight; it's just a number. Stick with your program over the long haul, eat right, keep skating and eventually you'll reach your goal.


If you haven't skated for a while, you're likely to feel very sore the day after your first time on skates. You're not used to the muscles used to skate, which is to be expected after a lengthy absence. Keep at it, and those aches and pains will go away.

If you get bored of skating, try spicing it up a little bit. Playing roller hockey can get you similar benefits without feeling like you're stuck doing the same old routine.


Skate in a safe area. Avoid busy times, including rush hour, if at all possible. If you must skate at night, wear bright clothing so that others can see you.

If you're bringing a MP3 player with you, make sure it's at a reasonable volume so you can hear the surrounding area.