How to Disinfect Electronic Baby Toys

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Babies and children often enjoy the entertaining lights and sounds of electronic toys. As engaging as these toys are, they need special attention from you to make sure they stay safe for play. Disinfect your little one's electronic baby toys carefully so the plastic surfaces do not become a bacteria breeding ground.

Cleaning away Grime

A moist cloth and liquid dish soap will enable you to clean the surfaces of electronic toys to remove dirt and grime. After applying a small amount of soap to the moistened cloth, wipe the surfaces of the electronic toys carefully to remove visible grime. Make sure the cloth is merely damp to prevent moisture from seeping through cracks into the electronics of the toys. Rinse the cloth with water and wipe the soap off the plastic to finish.

Sanitizing for Safety

Make a sanitizing mixture for nixing dangerous germs. Mix 1 tablespoon of chlorine bleach with 1 quart of water, advises the Fisher-Price website. Moisten a paper towel with the solution and rub the paper towel carefully over the outside surfaces of the toys to disinfect them. Chlorine bleach evaporates quickly, leaving the toys germ-free and free of all toxic chemicals, according to Fisher-Price. There is no need to rinse away the sanitizing mixture. Sanitize baby toys once each week to control germs, advises the Maryland Public Schools.