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How to Tell If a Friend Has a Crush on You

By C. Giles ; Updated June 13, 2017

A close friend of the opposite sex is a great thing to have. However, what happens when one of you develops romantic feelings for the other? Suddenly the dynamic changes, and it can be confusing and scary. If you suspect your friend is starting to think of you as more than just a buddy, look a little closer at his behavior. It's the little things he does that show how he really feels about you, says the online dating website eHarmony.

She's Acting Differently Around You

When you're with your friend in a large group of friends, you may notice her watching you, catching your eye, and perhaps becoming embarrassed and looking away. She may want to chat with you more than anybody else, or she may do the opposite and appear to be ignoring you. It depends on how outgoing and confident she is. If she's worried about the effect of his crush on your friendship, she may withdraw from you until she knows whether her feelings are reciprocated.

He's in Constant Contact

You may notice your friend being much more active on your social media profiles than he used to be. Signs of a crush are him constantly "liking" your social media posts, leaving sweet comments on your page and sending you more private messages than he did before. He may text you regularly, says Glamour magazine, and for no apparent reason -- just to say he's thinking about you.

She's Always There for You

Someone who likes you will always make time for you in her life, says eHarmony. Perhaps you used to go a couple of weeks without speaking or meeting up. If your friend is keen to arrange time together on a more regular basis, she sees you as more than a friend. If you're having a rough day, feel ill or are upset about something, a friend who has a crush on you will drop everything to be by your side. If a woman is willing to miss a night out with her girlfriends or an important social event, just so that she can spend time with you, she's really fallen for you.

He's Jealous of Other Guys

A sure sign that your friend has a crush on you is if he acts jealous when you get attention from other men. Back when you two were just friends, this probably wasn't an issue, and you may even have confided in him about dates you went on or potential love interests. If you have noticed that he doesn't want to have that type of conversation with you anymore, there's one reason for it: he wants you all to himself.

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