Inpatient Weight Loss Programs

Inpatient programs are typically recommended by a doctor after other weight loss methods have failed. The patient is typically obese and his weight poses a significant risk to his health. Benefits of an inpatient weight loss facility program is that it can teach residents how to make better food choices, cook healthier and work regular exercise into their schedules.

Structure House

Structure House, a well-known weight loss facility, is located in Durham, North Carolina. Although your program can be customized, newcomers are often recommended for a minimum four week stay. Other program options are available for individuals that can only stay one to three weeks. Inclusions of the program are individually customized meals, medical tests, fitness tests and a daily schedule of physical activities. An aftercare program is available so that you may continue to meet with weight loss counselors to track your progress.

Minneapolis VA Medical Center

The Minneapolis VA Medical Center's weight loss program is available to obese patients that qualify for veteran benefits. For two weeks, patients stay in the medical center’s Special Diagnostic and Treatment Unit. During the stay, the patient meets with dieticians and nutritionists to discuss eating patterns and ways to change these patterns. Doctors and psychologists are available to the patients in the program. Doctors can treat any health problems that arise during the stay while psychologists are available for counseling sessions.

Canyon Ranch

This weight loss program is available through an inpatient facility located in Tucson, Arizona. The program is held for one to two weeks and run by two weight loss doctors named Param Dedhia, M.D., and Jyotsna Sahni, M.D., Upon your arrival, you go through a series of medical, fitness and metabolic testing in order for your weight loss program to be customized to your specific needs. Low fat meals are served daily along with cooking classes to teach participants to cook healthfully after leaving the center. Nurses and program advisers meet with you daily to ensure that you achieve your weight loss goals.