Quick & Easy Diets for Women to Follow That Give Results Fast

There are hundreds of diets, but if you are looking for a quick and easy diet to follow that gives results fast some are better than others. The diets profiled here are all designed to be simple and fit in with your life because if a diet is too complex or difficult it will never be effective. Each focuses on reducing calories to help you get fast results, though you should always get your physician’s advice before starting a weight-loss plan. Some plans, such as Weight Watchers, emphasize group support, while the Amazing Soup Diet and the Diet-Step plan are do-it-yourself programs that you can follow anywhere. The key is to maintain your health by eating in a balanced way and increasing your activity to burn fat fast.

The simple Diet-Step Diet Plan is a low-fat, high-fiber diet plan with an emphasis on balanced diet and moderate exercise. Fred Stutman M.D., author of “Diet Step: 20 Grams/20 Minutes--For Women Only” lays out five basic rules: eat 20 g of fat and 20 g of fiber daily, avoid processed foods, limit salt, caffeine and alcohol, drink at least 48 oz of water daily and walk 20 minutes per day. Eating plenty of high-fiber foods such as vegetables and whole-grains will keep you feeling full, and promote digestive health, while cutting down on fat and processed food reduces your calorie intake.

Weight Watchers

The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends Weight Watchers, noting that: “a support system is critical to long-term weight loss." Weight Watchers is based on a system of food points, where you are free to make substitutions based on your circumstances and food preferences. This makes it convenient to follow because it does not require cutting out food groups, or avoiding eating out. Weight Watchers also has an online program, and offers an extensive range of nutritionally balanced convenience foods to make sticking to the diet easier.

The Amazing Soup Diet

The “Good Housekeeping” Amazing Soup diet claims you can lose up to 20 lbs in the space of a few weeks following this low-calorie diet plan. The staple food is soup, but unlike the Cabbage Soup diet there are several recipe variations including chili and fish soup. It also allows for three meals a day, including sandwiches, salads and scrambled eggs, which makes it more palatable and adds protein and nutrients.