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How to Use Zantrex 3 Diet Supplement

By Jacqui Lane ; Updated July 18, 2017

Zantrex-3 is a diet supplement manufactured by Zoller Laboratories that contains a blend of fruit extracts, caffeine and green tea extract. It is available without a prescription online and at retail chains such as CVS, Target and GNC. Zantrex-3 claims to provide rapid, significant weight loss, but those claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Zantrex-3 can be used as a weight-loss supplement or an energy-boosting supplement.

  1. Take two capsules of Zantrex-3, with a full glass of water, 15 minutes before you eat breakfast.

  2. Take your second dose of Zantrex-3 15 minutes before you eat lunch. Swallow two capsules and wash them down with a full glass of water.

  3. Take two capsules, again with a full glass of water, 15 minutes before dinner.

  4. Tip

    To use Zantrex-3 as an energy booster, take one to two capsules as needed throughout the day. Do not exceed six capsules within a 24-hour period.


    Zantrex-3 contains a potent mix of caffeine and caffeine-like stimulants. Too much caffeine may cause side effects such as sleeplessness and irritability. Other side effects of Zantrex-3 may include tremors and flushing of the skin. Consult your doctor before taking Zantrex-3.

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