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A heart defibrillator controls the heart rhythm 2. It sends an electrical shock through the heart when it beats too quickly or becomes irregular, notes the University of Chicago Medical Center 12. An electrical shock is used to return the heart to its normal rhythm. The rate of sudden death after receiving a heart defibrillator is 1 to 2 percent and the rate is 20 to 50 percent in untreated patients, notes Craig A. McPherson, M.D. of Yale University Medical School 12.

Antibiotics Before Surgery

If surgery is required when a heart defibrillator has been implanted, antibiotics must be taken to prevent infection, notes the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center 12. This is standard procedure for any invasive medical test or surgery after the defibrillator is inserted. Consult with the doctor with any questions about what dosage of antibiotics will be needed prior to surgery.

Must Avoid Blows to Chest

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During physical activity, it will be important to avoid any direct physical contact to the area near of the upper chest where the heart defibrillator is implanted, notes the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center 12. Contact sports that cause extreme hits are usually not be allowed after a heart defibrillator is in use. Talk to the doctor before participating in any sporting activity that could cause an impact to the chest area.

Equipment Malfunctions

Problems with the battery or lead wire to the heart defibrillator can occur and cause cardiac health issues if the defibrillator malfunctions. Regular checkups of the heart defibrillator will be required to ensure that all parts are operating correctly, notes the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center 12.

Metal in the Heart Defibrillator

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Due to the metal components in the heart defibrillator machine, several activities must be avoided. Do not use an magnetic resonance imaging and do not go through airport security machines, notes the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center 2. Talk to the doctor to find out all activities that must be avoided due to the metal in the heart defibrillator.