What are the Best Foods for 10 Month Old Infants?

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Most 10-month-old babies are starting to explore their surroundings, including the dinner table. No longer allowing you to spoon feed them, they want to feed themselves. Kids Health advises parents of 10-month-olds to avoid honey, citrus, eggs, fish, seafood, and nuts. Also, wait a few days between new foods so you can monitor your child for allergies.

Finger Foods

Ten-month-olds like to experiment with everything, including food. One way to let your infant feed herself without making a big mess is to give her manageable finger foods. Child development specialists at the University of Delaware recommend bagel halves, cooked vegetable slices such as carrots or green beans or slices of soft fruit. Make sure you peel the fruit first. While your little one is concentrating on picking up the food and checking it out, you can sneak some pureed fruits, vegetables and proteins into her mouth to insure that she is still getting the right nutrients, and enough of them, at every meal.

Spoon Foods

Your little one may see you using silverware and want to play too. It’s fine to let him learn how to spoon- feed himself. Give him a safety coated baby or infant spoon and a plastic bowl or plate. The Wisconsin Child Care Improvement Project suggests offering your little one thick, sticky foods to shovel onto his spoon. Mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, thick rice cereal and apple sauce are good starter foods. He may end up playing with the spoon more than feeding himself, but this is a good place to start. Another idea is to serve your child warm chicken soup or vegetable soup. The soft veggies and bite size pieces of chicken are easy to pick up and chew and they are nutritious. He can also experiment with scooping the broth onto his spoon.


It’s important that your 10-month-old get enough protein. Babycenter suggests that children in this age group eat 1/8 cup to ¼ cup of protein-rich foods every day. Recommended protein-rich foods include eggs, tofu, and poultry. Cut all foods into bite size chunks and make sure all bones are removed from foods like chicken. Mashed beans are also a good source of protein. Serve beans that have soft skins like split peas and pintos to your ten month old. If your little one turns away from these foods, coat them with a little bit of apple sauce to sweeten them a bit. If she still is not interested, don’t pressure her. Try again a few days later. It sometimes takes several tries for a baby to get used to new foods.