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Uses for Elocon Cream

By T.M. Samuels

Elocon is the brand name for mometasone furoate cream in a 0.1 percent concentration. It is for skin use only and has anti-inflammatory properties, as it is a synthetic corticosteroid. The medication is in a cream base and has the ingredients of 1 mg mometasone furoate, hexylene glycol, white wax, titanium dioxide, aluminum starch octenylsuccinate, purified water and white petrolatum. Elocon has to be prescribed by a physician and is not sold over-the-counter.


Elocon can be used to treat the symptoms of eczema. Eczema is a group of conditions that plague the skin with redness and irritation. Skin affected by eczema is often itchy with dry rough patches. It can appear anywhere on the body, and there is no cure for the condition. Eczema affects 30 percent of the population and of that percentage, 85 percent of the sufferers are under the age of five, according to 2010 information provided by To treat the symptoms of eczema, apply thin layer of Elocon once a day, avoiding the face, underarms and groin.


Elocon can also treat the symptoms of dermatitis. Dermatitis is skin inflammation with symptoms that include swelling, redness and itching. It is not a condition that is contagious or fatal. Many sufferers self-treat with over-the-counter remedies, while others need a prescription for stronger relief. Types of dermatitis include contact dermatitis, stasis dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and atopic dermatitis. There may be skin lesions with some of these dermatitis cases. To use Elocon for dermatitis, apply a thin layer once a day on the affected skin, taking care not to apply near groin, underarms or face.

Allergic Rashes

Allergic rashes are brought on by a trigger and appear as hives or bumps on the skin. They appear as a response to an allergen--something the body mistakenly sees as a threat. Allergic reactions can occur from food, clothing, metals, medications or even pollen. Elocon will treat only the skin allergy symptoms and not respiratory symptoms like hay fever. Elocon is used in a thin layer once a day for allergic rashes; the underarms, groin and face area should be avoided.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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