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Drotaverine Side Effects

By Jamie Simpson ; Updated August 14, 2017

Drotaverine, also spelled Drotaverin, is used as a smooth muscle relaxant and an anti-spasmodic, according to Biotavia. It is marketed as a concentrated dosage as Derecon, Nospa and Spasmocure; blended with other compounds, it is marketed as Dorit. It is manufactured primarily outside of the United States in Hungary, according to the United States Library of Medicine. Though associated with few side effects, it does have a few ones to learn about before treatment.

Headaches and Dizziness

Taking drotaverine can result in increased incidence of headaches and dizziness in patients. According to Biotavia’s report on the medication, the peak of these side effects of drotaverine coincides with the peak of the drug’s efficacy during the one to three-hour mark of the drug’s presence in the body.


According to Pharma Professional Services, taking drotaverine can result in nausea in patients. This is especially true if the patient’s stomach and intestinal system are already weakened by an associated illness.


Drotaverine has been linked by Biotavia and Pharma Professional Services to increased levels of constipation in patients. This side effect has created a contraindication for prescribing doctors for patients who may have impaired intestinal output rates under regular conditions. Without regular fecal output, drotaverine remains in the system beyond the seven to twelve hours recommended by standard prescription points, according to Biotavia.


As a smooth muscle relaxant, drotaverine will exacerbate existing hypotension symptoms in patients and cause such symptoms to appear where they are absent for some individuals, according to Biotavia. This side effect is particularly important to consider for those who have poor circulation or low blood pressure prior to taking the medication. For these patients, drotaverine can cause extreme hypotension leading to fainting and collapse, according to

Intensification of Other Medicinal Effects

According to Biotavia, a side effect of drotaverine is the intensification of other medicinal effects. This is particularly true for medications that have similar anti-spasmodic qualities or that require processing by the kidney to dissipate. As noted by Raazee, drotaverine is heavily processed in the kidneys and liver, which can slow the ability of these organs to break down other medicinal compounds, thus strengthening the effect of these medications on the system.

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