How to Hide Pierced Ears

Although you may be thrilled with a number of ear piercings, your employer -- or your conservative grandmother -- may not. Certain situations demand that you hide or remove metal jewelry to comply with a dress code or undergo a medical procedure. Piercing retainers allow you to hide piercings while keeping the holes open, which is important with new piercings 2. Made from glass or a flexible acrylic, clear piercing retainers are unobtrusive and practical.

Buy a piercing retainer in the same gauge, length and diameter of the piercing you wish to conceal 2. Talk to an accredited piercer if you are unsure of your piercing size.

Wash your hands before handling your jewelry or touching your ears. Sterilize the piercing retainer with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Insert the piercing retainer slowly into the hole, as you would your ear jewelry 2.

Slide the piercing retainer back, also known as the O-ring, onto the piercing retainer to hold it in place.


Wear your hair down or over your ears, or throw on a floppy hat if you simply need to hide ear piercings for a short time.