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Kerastase Densitive Ingredients

By Brian Willett

Thinning hair can be an embarrassing problem that not only affects your appearance but your self-esteem as well. Thankfully, there are products you can use to help prevent thinning hair and hair loss, such as Kerastase Densitive. According to the manufacturer, this product helps encourage scalp circulation, and promote shiny, thick and dense hair. Before using Kerastase Densitive cream, though, you should understand what ingredients are in this product and how they are supposed to affect your hair.


One of the main ingredients in Kerastase Densitive is taurine, an amino acid. According to research from the August 2006 issue of the "International Journal of Cosmetic Science," taurine may be helpful in retaining hair. The study found that taurine could promote survival of hair and might interfere with transforming growth factor, a hormone that prevents hair growth. Amino acids such as taurine are natural ingredients, found in many meats and other protein sources.


Another one of Kerastase Densitive's ingredients is zinc, which the hair care website Hair Loss Buddy explains has a number of benefits. The website notes that zinc helps your body build cells and use protein. Because protein is an essential part of your hair cells, this is an important function. In addition, Hair Loss Buddy explains that zinc may reduce levels of DHT, which is a hormone that promotes hair loss. However, the website claims that excessive zinc intake may also promote hair loss, so you probably should not take zinc supplements when using this product.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is a popular ingredient in weight loss supplements and is also included in Kerastase Densitive. However, Dr. Marty Sawaya notes that it may not be beneficial. While the caffeine in green tea may improve your circulation, Dr. Sawaya explains that no scientific studies have found definitive evidence that green tea helps prevent hair loss. Dr. Sawaya also explains that while green tea extract may prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT, it does not effect DHT conversion in hair follicles--the site of hair growth.

Grape Seed Extract

Another ingredient in Kerastase Densitive is grape seed extract. Hair loss expert Dr. Gregory Pistone explains that grape seed extract is an antioxidant that is sometimes used to address hair loss. The substance contains essential fatty acids and vitamin E, which may benefit hair health. Dr. Pistone notes that no human studies have found that grape seed extract does promote hair growth.

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