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Noni Fruit Side Effects

By Skyler White

Noni is a controversial fruit known for its aroma, which Angela Kelper describes as akin to vomit in her book “Hawaiian Heritage Plants.” Some consider Noni fruit a medicinal wonder, while others find the medicinal qualities of the fruit spurious and insist that it can be harmful. Nonetheless, the website Noni Juice Facts asserts that all noni users experience implications to its ingestion.

Health Side Effects

According to the website Noni Juice Facts, noni juice is said to improve body aches, headaches and scalp as well as skin problems. In the book “Noni: Nature’s Amazing Healer,” Neil Solomon indicates that noni contains proxeronine, which the body synthesizes into xeronine. Solomon asserts that xeronine stabilizes blood glucose levels, reduces cramping associated with menstruation and circumvents complications with enlarged prostates. Furthermore, Solomon states the chemical improves cellular healing and inflammation. In fact, Solomon even states that noni can treat cancer and high blood pressure, as evidenced by clinical experiments involving mice. Alternately, Noni Juice Facts warns that the validity of the medicinal qualities behind Noni fruit is unproven as of 2010.

Digestive Side Effects

According to Noni Juice Facts, moderate ingestion of noni fruit can result in digestive complications. These can include indigestion, bloating and loose stools. In fact, the website indicates that some use the fruit as a laxative. Noni Juice Facts states that excessive consumption of noni fruit can result in diarrhea and nausea. Alternately, Solomon avers that proper consumption of noni fruit can strengthen stomach muscles and improve the digestive process. Moreover, Solomon reported that a survey of 8,000 noni users revealed that almost 80 percent experienced a sense of well-being associated with other healthful foods high in nutrients. Solomon indicated that this was largely a result of the inherent nutritional value of the fruit as well as its proxeronine content.

Other Side Effects

Noni Juice Facts indicates that excessive digestion of noni fruit can result in acute side effects, such as bad breath, cough, boils, fatigue, acne, headaches, heavy menstruation, coughing and joint aches. Additionally, Solomon asserts that a survey of 8,000 patients who used Noni fruit as a medicine revealed that an allergic reaction could result, manifesting as a skin rash. Noni Juice Facts states that an allergic reaction can also result in respiratory difficulties. Nonetheless, Noni Juice Facts concedes that less than one percent of people tested experienced allergic reactions, while Solomon reported that this proportion was less than five percent.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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