Impotence-Improving Exercises

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It is estimated that 15 to 30 million American men in the suffer from impotence, or the inability to achieve or keep an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. Many men have underlying reasons for impotence, such as low testosterone levels or high blood pressure. But sometimes impotence is a result of unhealthy living, and simple exercises might help correct the condition.


Walking is a simple but effective impotence exercise. By walking daily, you are improving functionality in the brain, which increases your libido. In addition, daily walking helps lower blood pressure, which will enhance penile health. To start a daily regimen, begin by taking a leisurely stroll, and work your way up to long-distance marches. Try walking for a minimum of 30 minutes. If this isn’t possible, try taking frequent walks as much as you can.

Pelvic Muscle Exercises

Pelvic exercises help strengthen the muscles around the penis and improve blood supply to the area. If done properly, the exercises can help treat impotence and increase the intensity and frequency of orgasms.

To perform these exercises, tightly tense the muscles used to interrupt the flow of urine or the passage of gas without holding your breath or contracting other muscles, according to the Consumer Reports Health Web site. Squeeze for five to 10 seconds, and relax. Repeat about 10 times, twice a day, most days of the week, says the site.

If done right, your testicles should lift a little, and your penis should move inward toward your body. Pelvic muscle exercises can also help with premature ejaculation.

Stretches for Blood Flow

Stretching helps with flexibility, relieving stress and inducing relaxation. Stretching also can help increase flexibility to the spine and groin, which will ultimately enhance blood flow to the penis.

To stretch for increased blood flow, lie on your stomach, then lower your pelvis, point your toes and push up with your arms. Keep your pelvis on the floor as you bend your lower back and look to the ceiling. Next, raise your pelvis and come up to an "A" position, with your trunk facing the ceiling. Then lower yourself back to the ground.

Repeat the exercise twice, gradually increasing the repetitions as your strength allows. As with any exercise, make sure you are breathing as you stretch.

Hot Towel Placements

Wrapping a hot towel around your penis, hard or flaccid, will help increase blood flow to the area. Keep the hot towel in place for about one minute for optimum results. Hot towel placement is an procedure that can also be used as a precursor to PC muscle exercises.