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Benefits of Salt Lamps

By Owen Pearson ; Updated August 14, 2017

Salt lamps are made from crystallized salt, which is found in dried ocean beds around the world, according to the Solay Wellness website. The crystals are excavated, and holes are bored into them to accommodate a low-power light fixture. While salt lamps are typically used for decoration and low lighting, they are also reputed to have several emotional and health benefits. There is no scientific evidence to support claims of salt lamp health and emotional benefits.

Electromagnetic Field Reduction

According to the Gamma website, placing a salt crystal lamp near your computer or on your workstation can help reduce the effects of electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, which are emitted by computer monitors, fluorescent light fixtures and other electronic devices. Electromagnetic fields are waves of energy with frequencies of less than 300 cycles per second, or 300 hertz, notes the Ener-G Polar-It website. EMF energy is linked with decreased concentration and increased fatigue. It may also contribute to depression, headaches and weakened immune system function.

Air Purification

Salt lamps are also thought to purify the air in rooms where they are placed. According to the Solay Wellness website, they release negative ions that may improve overall health. Negative ions are thought to clear the air of smoke, dust, allergens, bacteria and other harmful particles in the air.


Placing a salt lamp in a family room, hallway, entryway or other area of your home is thought to produce a calming, tranquil effect, notes the Gamma website. Salt lamps are also good choices for massage rooms, where their calming effect may help enhance the benefits of relaxation and therapeutic massage. Place a salt lamp in your meditation area to create a tranquil space for deeper, more productive meditation.

Feng Shui

According to the principles of feng shui, the placement of objects affects the energy within a particular space. The Gamma website recommends placing a salt lamp in the "relationship" area of your home, which is the right rear corner of your house, to improve personal relationships.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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