Saunas & Bronchitis

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The symptoms of bronchitis include wheezing, coughing, difficulty breathing and an ache in your chest. While a sauna cannot cure the cause of these symptoms, it can alleviate some of your suffering and improve your attitude and outlook. After these improvements, you can find yourself feeling better while you wait for the infection to pass.

The Steam Soothes Your Throat and Lungs

In a wet sauna, water is poured over heated stones to produce steam. This steam soothes your throat and lungs, providing some relief from the irritation caused by chronic coughing. The soreness in your chest due to wheezing and your hindered breathing due to an excess of mucus also diminishes.

Sweat Purges Other Bacteria and Germs

Sweating exfoliates and purges your skin, washing out germs and bacteria that can make you feel worse. The clean feeling you feel after a sauna improves your overall sense of wellness and improves your attitude. This purge also removes other elements that may have taxed your immune system, leaving your body better able to cope with your bronchial infection.

Simulated Fever Boosts Immunity

The heat from a sauna simulates fever conditions. This simulated rise in body temperature boosts the activity of your immune system. Over time and with regular stimulation, your immunity will rise and your ability to fight off bronchitis and other infections will increase.

Relaxation Eases Your Discomfort

As you relax, the fatigue you feel due to bronchitis eases. You may also be experiencing muscle soreness due to lack of oxygen and the general effects of your infection. You will find that these symptoms also become less severe as the heat from the sauna delivers you into a more relaxed state.

Stress Reduction Helps Your Body Recover

Stress inhibits your immune system's ability to fight off an infection, and the relaxation you experience during a sauna reduces physical stress on your body. This reduction in stress helps you recover from your infection more quickly than you would if you did nothing to lower your stress levels.