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At-Home Speech Therapy Tips for Children

By Sara Ipatenco ; Updated July 18, 2017

Language delays are the most common developmental delay, according to Healthy Children, and one in five children will experience a delay in speech or language. Often, speech delays will resolve on their own, and at-home speech therapy techniques allow parents and other family members to work with a child to overcome the delays without the intervention of a speech language pathologist.

Have A Conversation With Your Child

One of the most important ways to encourage language and speech development is to talk to a baby on a regular basis. Healthy Children recommends encouraging a child to use gestures or simple words to communicate needs and desires before granting them. This will encourage the child to find ways to overcome his speech delays by working toward getting what he wants. Repeating what a child wants when he points will also encourage him to ask for what he wants as a parent makes a conscious effort to make him communicate.

Encourage Your Child To Ask For What She Wants

Mommy Speech Therapy, a website dedicated to early speech and language development, recommends using strategies that force your child to vocalize her needs. Eating something your child loves in her presence will encourage her to ask for some. Playing with her favorite toy will encourage her to vocalize her desire to get in on the fun. Limiting your child's access to things, such as portions of food on her plate, will require her to vocalize her desire to have more. Playing turn-taking games and storing things in containers with tight lids will also encourage her to ask for what he wants. Requiring your child to vocalize her needs rather than crying or gesturing will encourage language development.

Provide Toys That Encourage Speech

Interaction and one-on-one play time are two important behaviors that encourage speech development, says Speech for Kids, a website dedicated to speech therapy for kids. Learning to speak requires an understanding of language and what it is used for as well as the ability to gain an increasing number of vocabulary words to express needs and desires. Speech for Kids recommends providing toys that require taking turns and interaction to encourage your child to use his words and continue to develop speech skills. Some suggestions from Speech for Kids include Mr. Potato Head, puzzles, bubbles, large building bricks, blocks, pop-up books and interactive toy sets. Taking turns and interacting with toys will encourage a child to begin speaking and continue to build a vocabulary.

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