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You suspect your partner’s cheating, but you need concrete proof. Knowing the top cheating signs helps you determine whether you need to investigate further. Legitimate reasons exist for many signs associated with cheating. Have a chat with your partner about your suspicions and explain what has caused you to worry.

Cell Phone Secrecy

Many cheaters use cell phones to arrange meetings and maintain contact with the affair partner. Common signs include requiring privacy during calls, long calls from unfamiliar numbers, a password-protected cell phone and never leaving the phone where you can see it.

Computer Activities

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Computers are a favorite tool of cheaters, who might maintain contact through email and instant messages. Your partner might password-protect computer access and hide computer use. Cheaters often stay up late and use the computer when privacy is more ensured.

Hiding the Trail

A cheating partner hides as much of the activity as possible. The unfaithful partner can delete texts, emails, instant messages and browser history so a check of the phone or computer reveals nothing. This partner might open new email accounts or change passwords to prevent access.

A Need for Secrecy

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Secrecy is a big clue, according to the Advanced Surveillance Group's article “Signs of Spousal Infidelity.” Your partner may receive frequent calls, texts or instant messages and refuse to reveal who called 1. She could send the credit card and cell phone bill to the office or a post office box. If you call her office because her cell phone went unanswered, no one knows her whereabouts.

Looking Better

A new lover can inspire your partner to care more about personal appearance, including frequent workouts, new clothing or hair style, better grooming and frequent fragrance use. Your partner could do his own laundry and carry clothes to work for later use.

Changing Habits

Habits will change, according to the Advanced Surveillance Group 1. Your partner increases time away from home -- claiming she's working late -- and attends work events alone. She might take supposedly work-related trips, but the office doesn't know where she is.

Following the Money

A close check of your partner’s finances reveals unexplained bank statement charges and receipts for purchases you never see. Your partner could clean out the car regularly to hide rendezvous receipts. He might carry more cash to prevent an infidelity paper trail.

General Attitudes

Once the affair begins, your partner shows more concern about your schedule, suggests divorce lawyer Marilyn Stowe in “Cheating Signs, According to a Divorce Lawyer” for The Huffington Post. She might become more inconsiderate and exhibit unpredictable mood swings.

Home Climate

Look for distance between you and your partner -- more like separate lives with very little personal concern, suggests marital therapist Elvira G. Aletta in “3 Danger Signs Your Partner May Be Having An Affair” for Psych Central 2.

Dishonesty and Deceit

Your partner lies about insignificant things, suggests Mid-West Protective Service, Inc., in "Signs of Infidelity & Cheating." You don't get direct answers when you ask about your partner's location or companions.