Early Symptoms of Chlamydia in Men

Each year, over 40 million men in the United States are diagnosed with chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacterial infection 1. The early symptoms of chlamydia can be difficult to detect 1. Men who are sexually active should be screened regularly for sexually transmitted diseases to ensure infections are detected early and treated promptly.

Is This an Emergency?

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Early Symptoms

Chlamydia is considered a "silent" disease because more than 50 percent of men with this infection do not develop early symptoms 1. Men who are asymptomatic can still pass this bacterial infection to another partner when engaged in sexual activities. Routine screening for sexually transmitted diseases can help detect the presence of infection even in the absence of symptoms. Male patients who believe they have been exposed to chlamydia should seek further evaluation and care from a medical professional 1.

Discharge from the Penis

Symptomatic men can develop early symptoms of chlamydia within one to three weeks following initial exposure to this bacterial infection 1. In certain instances, men with this infection can develop unusual discharge from the penis. This discharge can appear thick, yellow and pus-like or it may be watery or white. Discharge from the penis resulting from chlamydia may discolor or stain undergarments 1. Men who notice any unusual discharge from the penis should seek medical care immediately because this early symptom of chlamydia can also be a sign of an another medical condition 1.

Burning During Urination

Chlamydia can cause certain men can cause certain men to experience a burning sensation while urinating 1. Pain during urination is a common early symptom and may be uncomfortable to affected men. The severity of this sensations can vary from mild to severe and typically becomes worse until the affected patient receives treatment. Certain men may also experience pain, burning or itching around the head or opening of the penis. Men who experience uncomfortable urination should talk with a doctor as soon as possible to receive appropriate treatment and care.

Swelling of the Testicles

Swollen testicles can develop as an early symptom of chlamydia 1. Affected men may notice that their testicles appear enlarged or puffy and are tender to the touch. These early symptoms of chlamydia should be discussed with a physician immediately as they can also be signs of other medical problems, such as testicular cancer 1.