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How Molly Sims Keeps a Healthy Balance (Plus Her No. 1 Tip for Moms)

By Lindsay Farber ; Updated July 13, 2018

She’s a former Sports Illustrated cover model, a mom of three and an all-around health and wellness fanatic. But being as busy as she is, how does 45-year-old Molly Sims maintain a positive, healthy life while juggling a family, an intense travel schedule and a successful career? One word: balance.

The supermodel and blogger recently partnered with Hyatt and Chase to help promote their new World of Hyatt credit card, which is designed around the way leisure and business travelers live. And while talking all things travel, LIVESTRONG.COM caught up with the Kentucky native who revealed all her tips and tricks for being her best self — and it’s more relatable than you may think!

Molly Sims’ Diet and Exercise Routine

With a crazy work schedule and caring for a family of five, Sims focuses on making healthy diet habits a priority in her everyday life. “I do almond milk as a replacement for dairy — that’s probably my biggest change in, like, two years,” she tells LIVESTRONG.COM. “I eat a lot of vegetables. I’ve definitely lessened my animal products in my diet and am trying to get more protein through vegetables and leafy greens. I eat a lot of spinach, a lot of steamed, sauteed spinach. I eat a lot of soup: cauliflower, carrot, butternut squash, zucchini, broccoli. I love hummus. I could eat a gallon of it. This morning I had egg whites. I normally have gluten-free toast with bacon.” She laughs, “I don’t always have the bacon. My kids have the bacon, and I pretend not to eat the bacon — and then I eat the bacon when they’re gone. And I like it extra-crispy!”

As for her fitness routine, the star always finds time to work out, even while on the road. “I do circuit training, whether it be in a gym or at a hotel. So I can do the treadmill, I can do yoga, I can do a bit of strength-training with my mat, even with my phone in a hotel with an instructor at a gym. Less cardio and more strength training — I’m not as tired that way. Sometimes when I overdo my cardio, I just get exhausted.”

Balance Is Key

When it comes to maintaining a healthy diet while chasing around three little ones (all under the age of seven), Sims says she tries to stay as consistent as possible and avoids being too hard on herself, especially when she slips! “I think maintaining a healthy balance is really the key,” she reveals. “The up and down, the crash and burn, I think that’s what can really affect my mental [health]. It’s great if you like to cheat, but then you gotta get back on track. I think consistency is everything for being healthy.” She adds, “You’re gonna have the M&Ms, you’re gonna have the chicken fingers that you swore you would never eat ever in your life. But then you have a 3-year-old, and they’re left on the plate and you’re gonna end up eating them somehow, so it’s interesting."

Her Top Tip for Moms

Sims’ tip for moms who are trying to be more mindful of their intake? Don’t overeat! “I will say, one tip to all moms is don’t double eat,” she laughs. “Don’t eat with your kids and then eat again. You’ll eat a little bit of pizza, a little bit of french fries, a little bit of chicken fingers, whereas you would never have ordered that before. Stay consistent, and get back on when you fall off.”

Travel for the Mind, Body and Soul

In terms of self-care, Sims is a huge advocate for traveling as a way to feed your soul. “I think travel is so important for my overall health and well-being. It opens my mind, it expands my mind. You get to see different people and experience different cultures,” she reveals. “I’ve lived in Paris and Milan and London and Germany and New York and L.A. and Kentucky and Tennessee. Travel is such a part [of my life], and it still is.”

But how does Sims not let her hectic travel schedule get in the way of a regimented diet and exercise routine? “I think the best-kept secret for staying on track is commitment. I work out, I travel, I try to eat so healthy in my normal day to day, that when you do leave your nest, it’s great to be rewarded — and I think that’s what makes the World of Hyatt card amazing. It rewards travelers for making purchases in all aspects of their lives, including a new fitness bonus category. It literally rewards you for being healthy.”

She adds, “I also think that staying at a great hotel, going to the gym and going to work out and doing those things so you don’t just drop off is really important. Traveling can sometimes give you the excuse to be a little bit lazy, which only backfires because when you get home you feel bad about yourself. The healthier I am, the better I feel.”

Cut the Comparisons!

In the age of social media, it’s difficult to avoid comparison and self-loathing while scrolling through countless filtered photos and angled selfies — even for Sims! The model, who is married to film producer Scott Stuber, tries to her best to avoid negativity by keeping it all in perspective.

“It’s impossible in the Instagram, social, Facebook, media world not to compare yourself. You just have to keep perspective that everyone is so different, so you really can’t compare. It’s hard, though,” she admits. “Sometimes it gives you motivation, and sometimes it’s like, ‘Ugh, why can’t I do that?’ It’s not easy comparing yourself to anyone. It’s a problem now because everything is retouched, everything is photoshopped, everything is thinner and skinnier. So it’s a definite trap that you just have to be careful not to fall into it.”

A tip for a positive social media experience? Only follow those who make you feel strong, empowered and motivated to be the best version of yourself that you can be! Someone like Molly Sims, perhaps?

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