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Savannah Guthrie has no shame about her wrinkles

By Hoku Krueger ; Updated April 03, 2018

Savannah Guthrie recently revealed that using the occasional filter on her social media posts doesn’t mean she’s trying to hide her age. In an interview for, the “Today” co-anchor shared an empowering and nuanced take on beauty and aging in the spotlight.

“I’m like anyone — when I see a picture where my wrinkles are apparent, I don’t love looking at that, and I’ll try to put the good Instagram filter on there to make it look better,” she says. “But I’m not going to not put the picture up. I’m 46 years old, and I don’t mind looking 46 years old.”

She adds: “I was always surprised that people were surprised that I would post a picture without any makeup on.”

Despite others insinuating that she should hide or edit away her wrinkles, Guthrie chooses to embrace every line on her face, deeming them physical proof of a life well-lived.

“Sometimes people say, ‘I can see your wrinkles.’ Well, that’s true. I do have some wrinkles. I call them smile lines. They’re from smiles and laughing, and those are the best kind of wrinkles,” she says.

And even when Guthrie does decide to get creative with eyeshadow, she’s not doing it for you — or anyone, for that matter.

“I spend most of the weekend without any makeup. But I do enjoy it, and I have fun putting makeup on on a Friday or a Saturday night. I’ve been trying to perfect the smoky eye for about a decade now,” she dishes. “There’s something about it being a Friday night, and you’re going out to dinner with your friends, and you put music on and you get to play with some eye shadow and just have fun experimenting.” Now we’re curious: Does she prefer to cool down with some Nora Jones or groove to a little Rihanna?

While we would all, ideally, love to be able to flaunt our face au naturel like Guthrie, many people feel more happy and confident wearing makeup or undergoing cosmetic procedures. Not surprisingly, Guthrie cheers on those people too. In fact, she and co-host Carson Daly got Botox live on TV back in 2015.

“I’m definitely not above it,” she says of the procedure. “Whatever it takes to make you feel your best.” Amen!

Guthrie’s take on aging in front of the camera is not only inspiring for older women, who continue to fight for visibility, but for women of every age. With social media making people feel like they need to be camera-ready at all times, women tend to receive conflicting signals from society, telling them to age naturally yet look totally ageless.

Guthrie’s answer? Simply do what makes you feel best. If that means going full-glam one day and barefaced the next, she’s here for it. That’s something we can all get behind.

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