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Kristen Bell and Her Daughter Got Worms Where the Sun Don't Shine

By Hoku Krueger ; Updated April 10, 2018

Parenting is not for the faint of heart — something Kristen Bell knows all too well after getting pinworms (specifically, worms in her anal region) from her 3-year-old daughter, Delta.

During her recent appearance on “The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale,” Bell got candid about her run-in with pinworms.

The story goes like this: Bell — who has two young daughters with Dax Shepard, Delta, 3, and Lincoln, 4 — arrived at Delta’s preschool one day to find that all of the carpets were missing. Turns out that they were being cleaned due to an outbreak of pinworms. So she did what any 21st century parent would do.

“Of course I immediately Googled it, and it’s, like, so, so contagious,” she tells McHale. And then she noticed that her daughter had started scratching in a certain region.

“You have to monitor, and you have to look in their poop,” she says. “And when you wipe their butt, sure enough — I wiped and saw a little white worm. I know, she’s really gross. My daughter, not the worm. The worm was gross too.” Poor Delta!

Pinworms are typically spread when an infected person touches the, ahem, affected area and then touches something else, such as toys or blankets, leaving eggs on that surface. And, as fate would have it, Bell eventually felt “the itch” herself.

But no need to worry on behalf of the “Veronica Mars” star. While untreated pinworms can lead to complications like urinary tract infections or abdominal pain, you can easily get rid of them with a pill prescribed by your doctor or an over-the-counter treatment. To be extra cautious, here’s more info on how to prevent them from spreading (and respreading and respreading).

We can definitely learn from Bell’s tendency to share a little TMI: Sometimes it pays off to zoom in on the things you’d rather ignore. Literally.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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