The Best and Worst Things to Say to Someone Who Is Depressed

People with depression prefer to be treated in a certain way. Here's how you should communicate with you loved ones suffering from a mental illness.

When a good friend, family member or partner falls into a dark hole of depression, you may think you know just what to say or do to bring them out of their funk. After all, you understand them better than anyone. But there is a chance that your approach could be all wrong.

We address this in the latest episode of the Stronger podcast with Tiffany Lin, editor at LIVESTRONG.COM, who was diagnosed with depression and anxiety years ago. During the episode, she opens up about how depression impacts her relationships with the people closest to her and how she (and others with depression) wants to be treated.

Lin even reveals the best and worst things to say when that someone you love is at a very low point. For example, telling a friend in need that they will “snap out of it soon” only infers that they are in control of their emotions and choosing to be depressed, which, according to Lin, is far from the reality of depression. On the flip side, asking them “What’s on your mind?” will guide them down the path to recovery.

The latest stats show that 15 million Americans suffer from depression — and those are just the ones who report seeking treatment. It’s likely that you know someone who has depression. Listen in so you are equipped with the necessary tools to help that loved one in just the way they need.

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