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Foods to Prevent Water Retention

By Nina K.

Water retention can add several pounds of fluid weight to your frame. Unlike fat, however, this weight is temporary, because your body may expel the excess water through urine. Choosing the right foods can promote urination to help you shed the extra weight. Food isn't a cure for medical ailments that cause water retention, however, so see your doctor if the condition is severe or doesn't go away.

Food Choices

First and foremost, drink plenty of water; dehydration spurs your body to hold on to water, potentially causing bloating. The Better Health Channel also recommends eating foods high in calcium and vitamin D, such as reduced-fat milk or yogurt, to help facilitate urine excretion. In addition, the University of Maryland Medical Center recommends foods rich in B vitamins and iron, such as dark, leafy greens and whole grains. Choose foods low in sodium, because this mineral can contribute to water retention.

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