How to Use a Paper Toilet Seat Cover

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The thought of using a public restroom can be a turnoff for many, especially when the restrooms are subject to high traffic. Many public restrooms do, however, provide paper toilet seat covers in each stall to afford users the option of placing a protective sanitary covering on the seat prior to using the toilet. A covered seat surface puts many people at ease when using public toilet facilities--particularly those in which cleaning and maintenance are not up to standard.

Grasp the top toilet seat cover, which should be protruding from the dispenser, and pull down to retreive it.

Examine the cover, noticing the flap in the center. The flap has perforations around the perimeter with a larger connection at the front of the cover. Separate the small perforations but leave the larger connection intact.

Position the toilet seat cover onto the toilet seat, with the flap at the front of the toilet. The flap will hang into the toilet water, but this is fine.

Flush the toilet once you haved finished using it. Because the center flap is contacting the toilet water, when you flush the toilet, the moving water will pull the toilet seat cover from the toilet seat without your needing to touch it.