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Headache Remedies Using Gatorade

By Colin Linneweber ; Updated August 14, 2017

Like most people, you surely have suffered from the anguish of a headache at some point in your life. Some headaches are rather mild, and they serve more as a hindrance than anything else. However, other headaches can be excruciatingly painful and prohibit you from functioning and partaking in the activities that you enjoy most. Somewhat surprisingly, drinking Gatorade is a remedy that has proved effective at relieving the pain related to headaches.

Headache Causes

According to the official website for Tylenol, headaches are caused by a slew of factors. Among other causes, headaches can originate from anxiety, excessive sunlight glare, noisy environments and poor eating and sleeping patterns. Additionally, dehydration is a common reason for headaches. The Mayo Clinic reports that you become dehydrated when you don’t consume enough fluids to compensate for the water that you naturally lose throughout the course of the day. Dehydration will strip your body of electrolytes and unbalance your pH levels. Subsequently, you may experience a headache from the fluids that you have lost.

What is Gatorade?

Gatorade was unveiled to the public in 1965, and it is renowned for possessing ingredients that will enable your body to operate properly. Some of Gatorade’s most pertinent ingredients are water, sugar (carbohydrates) and salts (electrolytes). The Gatorade Sports Science Institute found that these ingredients help replenish you after a hard workout.

Why Gatorade Works

As noted previously, dehydration is a vital reason for headaches. Gatorade promotes hydration, and consuming the popular sports beverage can vanquish your headache. Gatorade’s website reveals that it combats dehydration by stimulating rapid fluid absorption and rapid rehydration. Fluid absorption and rehydration will prevent and also stop most standard headaches.

Is Gatorade Safe?

Gatorade is enormously good for you, and there are noknown drawbacks to consuming the drink on a daily basis. Gatorade can benefit your overall health, and it is invaluable to curing and preventing headaches. If you prefer to avoid taking medications to relieve headaches, consuming Gatorade is a wholesome and safe alternative to combating the pain and agony that is associated with the ailment.

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