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Water Detox

By Caroline Schley

Fasting, or water detox, has been a religious practice for thousands of years. Ancient Greek philosophers, Biblical characters and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi all practiced water detoxification for improved health and spiritual cleansing. Water detox releases toxins into your system very quickly and can be detrimental if approached too quickly.

History notes that water detox, or fasting, was a practice in ancient Roman and Egyptian society. Roman and Greek scholars believed the technique brought inner transformation and improved health. Ancient Egyptians used fasting for spiritual transformation. More recently, fasting has been used for health benefits including disease prevention and improved vitality.


Start a water detox with careful preparation. Carry out an elimination diet over the course of several weeks, slowly removing caffeine, meat, sugar and artificial additives from your daily food intake. Spend a few days eating only whole fruits and vegetables. Move on to consuming only water and fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juices. Then proceed to a water-only diet for one to three days. After the fast, reverse the plan and slowly add foods back into your diet.


Many people get sick when they attempt a water detoxification because toxins are released into the bloodstream very quickly. Perform other detoxifications and cleanses before trying a water detox to minimize the risk to your health. warns people to avoid water detox if they are pregnant, suffering from an eating disorder, nursing or severely anemic.


Dr. A.J. Carlson, a professor of physiology at the University of Chicago, states on that a well-nourished man or woman can survive a 50-day water detox safely. However, any water detox longer than 10 days should only be attempted under medical supervision. Check with your doctor before you start a water detoxification. Certain hereditary conditions, including low blood pressure and heart abnormalities, may make a water detox unsafe.


Dr. Ben Kim reports that he has witnessed dramatic results of patient fasts. On he states that some of the results of a well-conducted fast include: better skin, better quality sleep, a reduction of muscle and joint pains and an improved digestive process. Dr. Kim explains that a water detox gives the body time to rest, repair damaged cells and build the mucosal lining of the digestive tract. He suspects water fasting can help cure mild to severe health conditions including high blood pressure, allergies, acne and diabetes.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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