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Essential Oils for Men

By Kay Ireland ; Updated August 14, 2017

Essential oils and aromatherapy are often regarded as a woman's domain, thanks to the prevalence of scented soaps and lotions available to women in general. But men might be missing out on important benefits from certain essential oils that are more masculine in scent and target a man's specific needs. By choosing the right essential oils for men, you can get a better massage, find a way to relax and even make your home smell more appealing.

Warm-Smelling Davana

Davana is a warm-smelling essential oil that has notes of cedar, vanilla and woodsy fragrance. It is ideal for anxiety and stress. If you've had an especially hectic day at the office, put a pot of water on to boil and add a few drops of davana to the water. The smell will permeate your home and leave you feeling more relaxed.

Musky Sandalwood

Sandalwood, an essential oil with a woodsy and musky fragrance, promotes happiness and is ideal for dry skin. The next time you get a massage, request that your masseuse's lotion or oil be laced with sandalwood. It will help the oil absorb into your skin better and allow you to fight off feelings of depression.

Peru Balsam

If you're suffering from a cold, sore throat or congestion, the earthy and slightly balsamic scent of Peru balsam can help ease your cold symptoms without medication, according to AromaWeb. Turn your shower on full blast and spin the handle to make the water as hot as possible. Plug the drain and add a few drops of Peru balsam. The steam will circulate around the room. Hang out in the bathroom and breathe it in for your cold symptoms to subside.

Earthy Kanuka

Kanuka may smell a little more earthy than other essential oils, thanks to an herb-like scent, but it's what kanuka can do for your skin and body that makes it worth having on hand. A few drops mixed with mineral oil can help heal acne, and you can mix it with sweet almond oil and place it in your medicine cabinet to use against athlete's foot, cold sores and even oily skin. It's also a powerful microbial, making it ideal for wound care.

Relaxing Cedarwood

Cedarwood, named for the tree that it smells like, is an essential oil that beckons to the outdoors. Emitting a scent much like the forest after rain, use cedarwood as a way to relax with a massage. If you have a willing partner, have her mix cedarwood with an unscented lotion and rub it on your back to soothe aching muscles.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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