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The Best Kids Yoga Videos

By Kelsey Casselbury ; Updated January 30, 2018

Yoga can promote a healthy lifestyle in kids as well as adults. By learning yoga at a young age, children can learn good habits, fitness, flexibility and coordination. Not only this, but teaching good physical education can also decrease stress in their lives and promote a happier, healthier child. It can be hard to hold children's attention long enough to do yoga, but you can actively engage them with the poses by making animal sounds, doing alphabet yoga or by having them teach you. The best kids' yoga videos help you do this.

Namaste Kids

Namaste Kids makes several high-quality DVDs geared toward teaching children yoga. The DVDs are divided into three-to-five-minute chapters that teach a pose or short routine. These can then be mixed and matched as your child prefers. Namaste Kids also sets the yoga in adventures through safaris, space and the jungle. This keeps the kids engaged as they learn the yoga poses.

Gaiam Yoga

Gaiam also has several different videos geared towards teaching kids yoga. These videos are created by yoga teachers who are experts working specifically with children. The poses are demonstrated by the teacher as well as a group of kids, which can help keep your child engaged. They incorporate songs, animal sounds and other fun elements to make yoga fun for kids.

Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal sells a family yoga video which is created by Rodney Yee, his wife, and his three children. A renowned yoga expert, this video is set on a beach in Maui and has a very playful ambiance as the kids and parents practice yoga together. This video is great for families who want to practice together, as it uses more standard poses appropriate for adults and kids alike.

Storyland Yoga

The Storyland Yoga video travels through two different stories and incorporates yoga poses into the stories. Kids become the different animals and plants in the stories through the poses. This video is created, narrated and taught by renowned yoga instructor Ahmed Fahmy. It won Parent's Choice Approved, Creative Child Magazine's Preferred Choice and Mom's Choice Gold.

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