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Games to Play With 16-Month-Old Children

Your 16-month-old may not be able to do everything well, but that doesn't stop her from trying. By the time she's 16-months old, your toddler has discovered that doing things by herself can be pretty satisfying -- though she'll want you to cheer her on, choosing activities where she can get hands-on will make your 16-month-old happy.

Follow the Leader

Let your toddler take the lead and hone his gross motor skills with a rousing game of follow-the-leader. Your 16-month-old will probably want to run, jump and climb when he's at the front of the line, so mix it up when you are leading by doing things that will challenge your toddler, such as:

  • squat
  • straighten back up
  • kick a ball across the lawn or walk on tip-toe

Monkeying Around

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Most children have the ability to identify animals and recognize animal sounds by the time they're 16-months old, according to New Mexico State University's Cooperative Extension Service, which makes animal games a good choice 1. Grab a board book and ask your child to help you find the rabbit, the elephant, the turtle or whatever other animals are in the book, or take turns asking each other what different animals say.

Stack It Up

By the time she's 16-months old, your toddler will probably be able to stack two or three blocks on top of each other. This newly discovered ability makes building with blocks a fun activity. Ask her to stack red blocks or square blocks to help her learn colors and shapes, and don't forget that getting to knock down her creations is half the fun.

Kitchen Play

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Your 16-month-old loves to do anything his mommy and daddy do, which makes playing with your kitchen tools a favorite game, according to New Mexico State University's Cooperative Extension Service 1. Set out pots and pans, bowls, measuring cups and spoons and let your toddler prepare and serve imaginary meals. If the weather's agreeable, fill a big bucket with water and let your toddler take his cooking game outside to pour and scoop.