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How to Use Kola Nut

Kola nuts are common ingredients in soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and candies. The kola nut also has numerous uses as a digestive supplement and herbal medicine and is effective at suppressing hunger, working as a diuretic, or treating depression, childhood asthma and headaches. Kola nuts are also believed to stimulate mental focus and have shown signs of being effective as an aphrodisiac. Kola nuts can be taken on their own or consumed in liquid or powder form.

Take 1/2 to 1 1/2 tsp. kola nut or ground kola nut daily, according to, to enjoy its medicinal benefits—the herb is frequently used as an antidepressant and energy tonic, and is used by some as a male potency enhancer, according to 1. It is also used to treat migraine headaches and childhood asthma. These nuts are native to tropical regions in Africa, particularly West Africa, but can be found at select food markets and grocery stores in the United States.

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Drink water or another fluid with kola nut tincture (also referred to as an extract) added to it. Add approximately 20 to 40 drops of the tincture/extract to water and drink three times daily. Kola nuts are high in antioxidants and also feature various chemical compounds that can increase oxygen delivery throughout the body as well as improve energy and focus, according to Tinctures tend to be more easily digested than fresh or dried herbs, and they are easier to mix into teas or other fluids as opposed to chewing raw forms of the herb or taking them in capsule forms.

Boil 1 or 2 tsp. kola nut in 8 oz. water. Strain and let cool, then drink. Do this three times daily, according to This drink is a good approach to treating asthma, since kola helps to open the bronchial tubes. It can also be incorporated into your diet between meals as a weight-loss supplement, since kola is known to suppress hunger while also aiding in digestion and acting as a diuretic, according to


Always follow dosage recommendations according to the directions on the supplement's packaging, unless advised otherwise by a doctor.


Talk to your doctor before taking kola nut if you are pregnant or nursing, diabetic, an insomniac or someone with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart conditions or other digestive disorders.

Avoid caffeinated products when taking kola nut.