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How to Help Your Kindergarten Child Focus on His School Work

By Stephanie Dube Dwilson ; Updated June 13, 2017

Expectations for children in kindergarten can surprise many students and parents. They will be expected to sit quietly and listen, work on some projects independently, and raise their hand before speaking. Whether this is your child's first experience in an educational environment or your child has completed preschool, there are likely to be some bumps in the road. You can help your child be the best student possible and ease his transition by helping him learn to focus on his schoolwork.

  1. Read to your child daily. If this is not an existing habit, it is not too late to start. Be flexible in your reading material; the goal is to help your child learn to sit still and pay attention.

  2. Feed him a healthy breakfast before school, or make sure he will eat once he gets there. Include healthy selections in his lunch as well. Good nutrition is an important part of the education process. A child that is hungry, either because he hasn't eaten recently or because he ate a sugary meal that quickly left him feeling hungry again, will have trouble focusing.

  3. Send him to bed at a decent hour. Kids that are chronically tired have trouble focusing during the day.

  4. Plan some physical activity every day, preferably outside. This helps your child get rid of restless energy and makes it easier for him to focus.

  5. Work with your child a little each day. Even if he doesn't have homework, you can help him practice focusing by asking him to explain something he learned at school or going over some already graded papers with you. Establishing a routine helps focusing become a habit.

  6. Remain firm, but unemotional, when dealing with him. Be reasonable in your expectations. If he has a great deal of work, complete it in several short blocks. Stay with him while he works. At this age, remaining focused without supervision is too challenging for most children.

  7. Control the noise level in your home. It doesn't have to be absolutely silent, but if little sister is in the adjoining room watching cartoons, your child is going to have trouble focusing.

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