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Eating and Exercise Tips for Your 50s (Infographic)

By Jess Barron ; Updated July 18, 2017

Good news: Today’s fifty-somethings have benefited from better nutrition, health care and quality of life. That said, experts advise men and women in their 50s to aim for a smaller belt size as an expansive one carries a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. You may weigh the same as you always did, but find that the fat on your body has relocated! Men and women in their 50s (particularly post-menopausal women) tend to gain weight in their waist or midriff area. They tend to lose muscle which is replaced with fat, which unfortunately burns less calories than muscle.

One recommendation to try to combat this: Try to eat 200 calories less per day than you did in your 40s.

You may still look great, but keep in mind that your body is slowing. Fortunately, by following the eating and exercise recommendations for your age group recommended in the infographic below, you can counteract most physical changes.

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