Boot Camps for Unruly Teenagers in the Los Angeles Area

If your teen is having behavioral problems, sending him to boot camp can be one option for trying to ease his troubles. Although boot camp is an option that should be considered carefully, living in a major city such as Los Angeles can make the process easier because its large population means more options.

Falcon Ridge Ranch

Falcon Ridge Ranch uses equine therapy to help your teen overcome her behavioral problems -- camp staff believe the calming effect of horses can help teenagers let their guard down. Falcon Ridge emphasizes empathy as a way of dealing with your teen's underlying issues. As well as selecting equine experts to assist with your teen's therapy, the ranch also offer structure, guidance and counseling to end her rebellious behavior.

Vital Intervention and Directional Alternatives

Under the tutelage of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, VIDA is a boot camp program designed to help your teen curb his behavior 3. The camp accepts nonviolent, at-risk teens ages 11 to 17 who show problems with academics, decision-making and parental relationships. The 16-week program consists of eight-hour Saturdays at the closest VIDA location to their home, an orientation night and weekly sessions. Parents can also take part in the weekly sessions to gain a better understanding of their teen's problems and work toward building a stronger relationship with him.

Wingate Wilderness Therapy

At Wingate, staff believe that your teen can benefit more from being in an outdoor setting than in an indoor one. A wilderness environment, combined with established therapeutic practices, will help your teen work through his problems with long-lasting effects, according to the camp's website. Your teen can expect to go on long hikes, undergo therapy sessions on cliffs and canyons and be able to work on his behavioral problems without the distractions of city life.

LAPD Juvenile Impact Program

If your teen has been convicted of her first offense, one option is to undergo a mini boot camp sponsored by the Los Angeles Police Department 3. Your teen must be referred by the courts and upon successful admission, she will enter the boot camp. The LAPD's program is designed to help your teen recognize the effect of her crime by painting over graffiti, completing a self-esteem class and attending a group discussion led by several ex-convicts. In contrast with other boot camps, parents are required to attend the boot camp with their teen and go to a separate parenting class.