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How to Keep a Relationship Interesting for Teens

By Candice Coleman ; Updated June 13, 2017

Your teen has a significant other? Check. But what about keeping the excitement and intrigue going after the honeymoon phase? Long-term relationships can settle into a routine that may leave your teen feeling bored and stifled. Boredom can also boost the odds that your teen's relationship will eventually burn out, but a long-term relationship does not have to be doomed. Knowing how to keep things fresh can bring benefits to your teen's relationships long into the future.

  1. Learn about new places that your teen can visit with his girlfriend to keep the romance alive. Novel experiences can keep relationships enticing, according to clinical psychologist Lisa Firestone, writing for Psychology Today. Amusement parks, museums, festivals, restaurants, beaches and zoos can be promising places for teens looking to keep a relationship interesting,

  2. Encourage your teen to try out new activities with her partner. Taking classes together at a community center or joining a sports team together may help them not only discover a new interest, but it may also bring them closer, according to Dr. Jeremy Nicholson, writing for Psychology Today.

  3. Teach your son to give generously in a relationship. The give-and-take of a relationship can only thrive if both partners are willing to put effort into the relationship, according to Amie M. Gordon, a doctoral candidate in social-personality psychology at the University of California, writing for Psychology Today. Your son should show appreciation for his girlfriend's kindness before returning it with compliments, gifts and other gestures.

  4. Set time aside from the relationship. Spending too much time together can leave your daughter and her boyfriend feeling burned out, according to Firestone. Your daughter can continue focusing on her own life, goals and interests. Whenever she gets together with her boyfriend again, she may have plenty of new topics to discuss.

  5. Tip

    Though your teen may put his all into making his relationship interesting, some relationships may still run their course, according to KidsHealth. Teens may grow apart because they develop new interests or have more responsibility outside of the relationship.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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