Razor Bumps and Vitamin E Oil

Unsightly, painful and sometimes all too frequent, razor bumps are a common side effect of shaving. Fortunately, this common skin threat can be easily prevented and soothed with vitamin E oil. Known for its healing properties, vitamin E oil, and products containing vitamin E, should be a staple in your medicine cabinet.

Prep Your Skin

Prior to shaving, prep your skin with an exfoliator 1. Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells that can clog your razor blade and prevent it from running smoothly over your skin. Opt for one packed with vitamin E oil so you're not only cleansing your skin, but you're moisturizing it as well.


The golden rule of shaving is to always shave with a clean, sharp blade. Aside from the golden rule, use cleansing products -- from shower gels to bars of soap -- with vitamin E oil to help soften skin so you can get a clean and close shave. Some shaving creams also come infused with vitamin E, which, too, will help keep your skin soft and moist, and will aid in preventing razor bumps.


If you have razor bumps, apply a lotion that's packed with vitamin E oil or apply vitamin E oil directly to the affected area. It not only prevents razor bumps, but it's known for its healing properties, too. Depending on the severity of your razor bumps, vitamin E can also help manage irritation.

Choosing Your Razor

Newly designed razors come with strips of smoothing gel in the blade. Opt for one with vitamin E oil. As the blade glides across your skin, the strip releases a small amount of gel with each stroke, which can enable a smoother shave and assist in preventing razor bumps.