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How to Deal With Puberty

Puberty is the time in a young person's life when hormones are on the increase, leading to physical and emotional changes. Girls grow breasts, start menstruation and hair growth increases, while boys experience voice changes, erections and increased hair growth. Emotions can run high during this period of life as well, leading to depression, insecurity and anger. Knowing how to deal with puberty is important for both sexes to experience a smoother transition into adulthood.

Talk with a trusted adult about your concerns. Adults have been in your shoes and will be ready to help in any way you need them. Since emotional turmoil is part of puberty, just letting out your frustrations to a sympathetic ear helps tremendously.

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Listen to your parents and loved ones regarding your changing body 2. Sexual desire and peer pressure are two of the main issues that parents worry about. They are not trying to run your life, only ease your mind regarding the normalcy of your feelings and worries.

Read available materials regarding changes that will occur. Understanding what is going to happen will help you deal with it rather than being in the dark about your changing body. Some people in the past have experienced fear when undergoing that first period or first "wet dream." This will help dispel those fears once you undergo these changes.

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Exercise regularly. Exercising two to three times a week will keep your body and mind healthy. It relieves stress while ensuring that your hormone levels stay within normal range for your age.

Understand that everyone develops at a different rate. If your best friend has a bigger breast size or if a male friend brags that he is already shaving while you are still bare faced, don't freak out. You are still developing and may need more time for your body to catch up.