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How to Teach Children to Give Offerings & Tithes at Sunday School

Tithing and giving offerings are important -- and often overlooked -- Christian disciplines to teach your children. Most parents who teach their children anything about giving tithes and offerings do so by simply giving their children money to place in the offering plate. While this does give kids a chance to participate in giving offerings, it doesn't really teach them the concept of giving a portion of their own resources to the Lord for the work of the church.

Teach your children to put God first in everything. Set the example by doing so yourself. When your child understands that God wants to be an important part of every aspect of their lives and that they are to love God with all their hearts, monetary giving becomes a natural extension of that relationship rather than something they feel like they have to do.

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Provide opportunities for your children to earn their own money. For a child to learn how to give tithes and offerings, he has to have money of his own to give. You can do this by simply giving an allowance, but it is better -- and further reinforces the value of money to your child -- if you give him some simple chores for which he can earn his allowance.

Teach your child what tithes and offerings are 12. A tithe is the first tenth (10 percent) of a person's income, which Christians are taught is to be given to the Lord. If your child isn't old enough to understand fractions or percentages, consider paying his allowance in coins and teaching him to separate them in groups of ten, then set aside one coin from each group. Offerings are other gifts which are given besides the tithe. They may be for something specific, such as for a visiting missionary or a church fundraiser, or they may simply be gifts given to the church or Sunday school program to use as needed.

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Teach your child how to be intentional about how he handles his money. One of the best ways to do this is to have him use jars or envelopes to separate the money he is going to give, the money he is going to save and the money he is going to spend. If desired, you can use separate containers for a tithe, which is a gift generally expected from those who are part of a church and for offerings, which are gifts above and beyond the tithe.

Praise your child when he tithes and gives offerings 1. Read Acts 20:35 with your kids, and explain what it means when Jesus said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Talk about how much everyone likes to receive a gift and how the blessings of giving are even better. In doing so, remember to teach your kids that their giving shouldn't be limited to tithes and church offerings, but that God is also pleased when we give to help those who are in need 2.