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How Do Teen Girls Act When They Have a Crush?

By Kathryn Hatter ; Updated June 13, 2017

Teenagers have a lot going on, both emotionally and physically. When an infatuation occurs, it's not difficult to figure out what's happening with a teenage girl. She will generally give you plenty of clues that she's feeling special feelings for someone else by her actions, her words and her overall behavior.


Adolescent girls frequently reach the age where they mature sexually and become interested in a romantic relationship before boys do, according to Jones & Bartlett Learning, publishers of "Handbook of Human Development for Health Care Professionals." Girls generally feel crushes intensely, but they are short in duration because a short attention span does not hold a girl's focus in one place for long.


The emotions and behaviors associated with an adolescent girl's crush can be chaotic and varied. Simultaneous giddiness and shyness can occur, according to the Kids Health website. This combination can make a girl feel and behave in silly and unexpected ways. Often, a girl does not understand why she feels so strangely excited, which can lead to lapses in judgment and inappropriate behavior.


A girl under the influence of a crush might make attempts at contact with the object of her desire. This might involve using a trusted friend as a messenger, texting, calling, using online social media or even physically pursuing her intended at school or at some social event. Depending on the behavior, it's possible that the girl will put off or alienate her target, which may cause feelings of frustration and angst in the girl.


Once a crush develops, a girl has decisions to make regarding how she manages it and navigates her way through it, states psychologist Carl Pickhardt, with the Psychology Today website. A girl may feel anxious as she tries to decide whether she wants to express her feelings or keep them secret. Sharing feelings opens her up to possible teasing, embarrassment and even rejection. This anxiety may lead her to act even more awkwardly, especially when in the company of the object of her affection.

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