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10 Exercises for Guys Over 40

By Dori Pinkerton

The importance of exercising as men approach the middle-age mark is crucial. According to Harvard Men’s Health Watch, an exercise program combining resistance exercises, flexibility training and balance exercises will not only promote healthy weight, but will protect against high blood pressure and high cholesterol. There are a handful of exercises that men in their 40s can do on a regular basis as part of a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

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Tried, True and Traditional

Sit-ups are great at any age to work toward a trim and fit stomach. Some may find it easier to slide their feet under a couch to perform this exercise. Sit up with your neck and chin relaxed, not allowing the head to touch the floor in between each repetition. Another variation is side-to-side sit-ups, where you will bring each elbow to the opposite side each time the body rises to perform the exercise.

Raising the Bar

Chin-ups involve jumping into the up position on a bar, followed by letting your body down slowly with maximum control. Slowly bring your body up and down with the strength of the arms. This exercise should be started slowly, and can gradually be built up as your arms become stronger.

Strength for Versatility

A deadlift can easily work out the entire body. Remember to always keep your back straight and knees bent as you pick up the barbell. This maneuver should be done with extreme caution.

Jumping for Joy

Jumping rope is an excellent cardio workout and can be done several times a week. Begin with a short 10-minute jump rope session, stopping as needed. If you're new to jumping rope, it will take you some time to get into the rhythm. As your technique becomes more refined, increase the length of your jumping rope workout. Try jumping rope 30 minutes a day, in 10-minute increments.

Crunch Time

Crunch exercises begin with the body in the traditional sit-up position, bringing the knees up at the same time with the rest of the body. Try to maintain control of your back and neck with fluid, purposeful movement of the legs and back. In a vertical crunch, the legs should be raised 90 degrees to your body. Your legs should be held there as the crunches are performed.

Performing a Lunge

Standing with feet apart, step forward 2 feet with the right foot. Keeping your back straight, raise the left foot slightly off the ground. Lunge forward and hold for five seconds. Repeat with the left foot.

Fun with Flexibility

Flexibility exercises such as yoga can help prevent injuries as you age and help keep your body agile. The Mountain pose can help with breathing. Standing with feet slightly apart and hands at your sides, concentrate on your breathing and posture while holding the pose. The Tree pose involves putting both hands in the air, while balancing one foot against the opposite thigh. And the Warrior pose is great for stretching. Bring one foot forward almost in a forward lunge position, and raise both hands above the head with palms together.

Stomach Strength

For an abdominal lift, rest the elbows on a stable, flat surface. Letting your legs hang, rest all of your weight on the elbows. With knees bent, bring them up toward the chest, and avoid swinging the body.

Balance Your World

Balance all of your weight on one foot for 30 seconds. Repeat with the other foot. Practicing balance exercises several times a week helps joints and bones, and can help prevent injury.

Keeping in Stride

Regular cardio and aerobics remain some of the best ways to exercise at any age. Cardio can be anything from jogging to using an elliptical machine. Harvard Medical School recommends 30 minutes of brisk walking every day for maximum benefit.

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