How to Find a Zumba Class

By Haley Stone

Zumba is a dance fitness trend that over 5 million people participate in per week. Zumba classes fuse Latin rhythms, international beats and easy-to-follow moves for an excellent cardiovascular workout. As of July 2009, the Zumba program was being taught at over 40,000 locations in 75 countries, so finding a class should be simple.

Finding a Zumba Class

Step 1

The official Zumba website keeps a searchable database of classes and Zumba instructors. To search for a class, go to and click on "Find a Class." Enter your address or zip code to find all the Zumba classes offered in your area.

Step 2

To search for a Zumba instructor, click on "Find an Instructor." From this page you can search by name or by location. For example, to see a list of Zumba instructors in Chicago, IL., click on the "Search Locations" tab and enter "Chicago, IL." A list of all Zumba Instructors will pop up with photographs and phone numbers. You can also view an instructor's profile to learn more about her and where she teaches.

Step 3

To search for an international class, from the "Find a Class" tab, click on "Looking for classes outside the US?" then select the country and city.

Step 4

Once you have located a class, call the instructor, gym or studio to see if you need to make a reservation or arrive early. Zumba classes can be very popular and some facilities have a limited amount of space.


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