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Youth Football Team Party Ideas

By Brian Bores

Youth football is more than the actual games; it's about having fun and learning. Celebrate the football season by providing a party for the players and parents. The players will enjoy having a party at the end of the season no matter how many games they won. Many creative themes can be accomplished with a little planning. Most parents like the idea of creating a party for their kids, so many should be willing to get involved.

Highlight Tapes

Create highlight tapes of the season if games were recorded. Computer programs can be used that require basic skills to create a highlight tape that players will enjoy for many years. Some programs allow music to be played during the highlights and many other special effects to be created.


Football-themed decorations are almost a must-have when throwing a football party. There are endless amounts of decorations that can be bought, many at a low price. Football-shaped balloons and plates will get people thinking and talking football. Depending upon your budget, you can get as creative as you want.

Football Game

Show a football game on the TV if there is one being played the day you host the party. People will enjoy watching the game because they're already in a football mood. If multiple games are being played, attach multiple TVs and play as many as you can at a time.


Food with football features is yet another way of getting people thinking football. Cupcakes or cookies shaped like footballs are common for many football parties. Proper cookware for achieving these shapes should be relatively easy to find.


Rent a hall or similar venue to host the party. This will make for easier cleaning and allow many people to attend without having to worry about space. Hosting the part at a house can be stressful if parking is minimal and for whoever has to clean the house. Most halls can be rented at a reasonable price.


Reward players for their accomplishments during the season by giving away plaques or trophies. Try to give at least every player a participatory plaque or ribbon to avoid singling out certain players. Keeping every player involved in youth football is important.

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