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How to Find the Year of My Club Car Golf Cart

By Kim Kleinle

Finding the model year of your Club Car golf cart is simple once you find the serial number. The model year is the first two numerals of the serial number. For example, A9904-xxxxxx was built in 1999, and the letter preceding the number is the model -- in this case, a DS Electric. The third and fourth numerals indicate the production week, so this car was built in the fourth week of the year.

Finding the Serial Number

The serial number is located in one of these three locations for model years 1981 to the present: under the passenger glove compartment, on the frame behind the accelerator pedal or on the kick panel just under the passenger glove compartment. For older Club Cars -- 1975 to 1980 -- look for the serial number on the aluminum I-beam on the driver’s side battery bank. To access the battery bank, just lift the seat.

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